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When the world is once again under the threat of a terrorist takeover, the legendary police officer John McClain is taken to work. The former FBI agent has to get on the trail and expose the hacker group. The purpose of cyberterrorists is the destruction of the US infrastructure. Once taken hostage, John’s family is in great danger. How John will save the family and the whole world, we will understand by watching the movie Die Hard 4.

An unknown corporation hires hackers to create programs to crack classified information. After a series of murders, the police find the organizers of the crime. Thomas Gabriel — a former employee of the Department of Defense — is trying to destroy the entire computer system of the world with the help of hacker programs. The criminal disables the government system of the state. John will have a difficult task — to find and neutralize the terrorists, as well as save not only his country, but the whole world. But it is very difficult to complete the task alone, and a young programmer, Matt Farrell, is called to help.

An experienced policeman goes in search of the organizers of crimes. Through what obstacles and dangers John has to go through, you will understand if you watch the movie Die Hard 4.

Insidious and greedy criminals are trying to do everything to neutralize, kill John, and also destroy the financial system of the whole world. Thanks to his experience, skill and skill, McClain overcomes all obstacles. Together with his young partner, John manages to get on the trail of criminals, but how can they disable a hacker program that has already been put into action? You can sort out this issue if you watch Die Hard 4 by indofilm online in good quality.

The main role of the «hard nut» was played by the well-known Bruce Willis. During the filming of the film was not without injuries and falls. Because of the bruises inflicted, our hero had to spend several days at home. More seriously injured was Bruce’s doppelgänger, who fell from a great height, causing filming to be briefly halted. The fourth part of the film was directed by Len Wiseman. The film’s budget was about $110 million, and worldwide rentals grossed more than $380 million.

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